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Take it to someone who cares

Variety of clothing on hangers

Keep your clothes in

excellent condition

Enjoy hassle-free dry cleaning services from our experienced staff. All services are done on the premises at our convenient location so it easy for you to take care of all your dry cleaning needs.


With over 32 years of professional experience, you can trust us to handle your items with care.

Reliable dry cleaning service you can trust

Whether you want to look sharp for your next business meeting or would like to preserve the memory of your wedding day, you can count on our experienced, courteous staff. With our low prices, you'll get the superior service you deserve and keep money in your wallet.


You can extend the life of your wardrobe when you keep your clothes in great condition. Make sure that your favorite pieces are cleaned properly in a way that best suits the material of which they are made of. Entrust our team with all your special items.

Affordable prices

You can show off your style without breaking the bank to have your outfits cleaned. Depend on us for all your dry cleaning needs.

Same day service

•   Leather and suede

•   Wedding gown preservation

•   Sheets and pillowcases

•   Tablecloths and area rugs

•   Ugg boots

Environmentally safe solvents that are good for the planet.

Prompt cleaning reduces stains.


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