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Display of winter clothes Woman wearing a fur coat

Protect your fur garments from deterioration

Make sure your fur coats and accessories are stored properly during warmer seasons so they are ready to wear again when winter comes.

Proper storage can slow the evaporation of natural oils and preserve your furs.

Make more space in your closet

Don’t let bulky winter items take up all the space in your closet or dresser. We offer seasonal storage boxes so you can clear out the items you won’t wear for a while and have room for the clothes that you do plan on wearing.


Your fur will be safe in our care for storage in addition to your other seasonal items. Factors like humidity, temperature, and exposure to light can make a big difference in the preservation of your fur garments.

Low prices

Extend the life of your garments with proper care. You’ll save money with our affordable prices and by not having to buy new clothes.

Care for your clothes

    •   Fur storage

    •   Fur cleaning

    •   Season box storage

    •   Tailoring

    •   Alterations

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